Death is God’s Destiny, Where is the Role of Prayer And Human Effort?

Death is God's Destiny, Where is the Role of Prayer And Human Effort? – In life, the shadow of death will always hover in every human’s thoughts and footsteps. This has become something commonplace to always remember and think about, because in reality humans live in this world only temporarily. So apart from worldly affairs, death is the closest and most constant thing for humans to think about.

Death In Humans

In fact, humans in this life are like a traveler who takes a break. Who knows, under a shady tree or under the sky under the hot heat and pouring rain, but what is certain is that the journey will continue. Second by second it keeps changing, whether we like it or not, the second our life in this world will end (Quraish Shihab, Picking up Death: p. 9).

Human death is not the end of everything, it is just a change of place. As Muslims we believe that there will be a day when humans will be brought back to life. Not just being turned on, he will be held accountable for all his actions while in the world.

This concept does not only apply in the realm of religion, but some philosophers and scientists also believe in the existence of immortality for the soul. Humans consist of two constituent elements, namely the body which is material and the soul which is non-material. So that within the soul, it does not know such a thing as destruction (Komarudin Hidayat, Psychology of Death: p. 100-103).

Regardless of how we then respond to death, whether with anxiety, fear or even turning it into something we look forward to.

In fact, we as humans must continue to work hard, maintain our health, worship and do as many good deeds as possible are the recommended actions.

This is as Allah SWT says in Al-Qur’an Surah Al-Qashash verse 77:

And seek, through what God has given you, the abode of the Hereafter, and do not forget your share of this world, and do good as God has done good to you, and do not seek corruption on earth. Indeed, God does not like corruptors.

Meaning: “And seek (reward) the Hereafter with what God has bestowed upon you, but do not forget your part in this world and do good (to others) as God has done good to you, and do not do damage on earth. Indeed, Allah does not like those who do damage “.

In the verse above, it contains a command to humans to seek as many rewards as possible in the afterlife. Without forgetting the worldly part, rewards can be obtained by various kinds of good deeds in the world.

For example, obeying God, doing good to fellow human beings, taking care of everything on earth and being forbidden to do damage.

Life is like a very wide field, in which humans plant various kinds of plants. Such as rice, corn, vegetables and others, the results of which will be picked when the harvest time arrives.

Likewise with human life in the world, he is encouraged to worship and do good deeds as much as possible. Then the results will be obtained in the afterlife.

Death is Fate, But Can Humans Delay It?

In the Qur’an, Allah says in Surah Al-Anbiya verse 35:

Every soul will taste death, and We will test you with evil and good as a trial. And to Us you will be returned.

Meaning: “ Every soul will taste death. We will test you with bad and good as a trial. And you will be returned only to Us ”.

In this verse, Allah does not clearly state when and where a person’s death will occur. So this time and place then becomes an inevitability that humans cannot know.

As a result, various forms of expression of feelings arise in a person. For example, anxiety, worry, even fear of death.

The event of death is very frightening, humans can only try, work hard, endeavor and pray to delay its arrival, but cannot hide or avoid it. So then many people are reluctant and don’t even want to think about death, because it is a decision that will definitely happen (Komarudin Hidayat, Psychology of Death: p. 138).

As time progresses to modern times, advances in science and technology have of course given birth to many experts in their fields. Call it the fields of health, medicine, psychology, mathematics, science, physics and many more. So it wouldn’t be strange if something that was impossible in the past could actually happen in modern times.

Covid-19 Pandemic and Human Death

The Covid-19 pandemic that is spreading in Indonesia, and even almost throughout the world, is proof of the progress of science, science and technology and the existence of experts in it. Although many then assume that the corona virus is solely God’s destiny.

Maybe if you look at it from a religious perspective, this could be a correct opinion. With the postulate that everything that happens in this world has been determined and determined by Him. However, today we need real evidence to prove the truth of an opinion. And this can only be done by humans by using science and technology.

The birth of scientists, scientists, psychologists, physicists, and so on. This is proof that they were successful and then carried out an experiment and provided real results for many people. So that finally they are recognized as experts in their field.

Who can prove today that this corona virus really came from Allah SWT? Who then guarantees that there is no human intervention in the spread of this epidemic? So who is responsible for the increasing death rate?

The rise of the corona virus and all the efforts and hard work carried out by medical personnel, medical personnel, health workers in treating patients infected with Covid-19. This is clear evidence that on the one hand there is a virus, but on the other hand health workers and their friends have not stopped trying to prevent it and make an antidote.

One concrete proof of this is the creation of vaccination. Of course the goal is to prevent, cure the patient and, moreover, delay his death.

In addition to the role of doctors et al, the death toll due to Covid-19 can be reduced if we continue to apply prevention efforts in our daily lives. For example, keeping the environment clean, taking care of nature, wearing a mask, washing hands and so on.


Quoting advice from Quraish Shihab in his book “The Islam I Follow” in the chapter on the Pillars of Faith, he said ” Indeed, we do not fully know the boundaries of the destiny that Allah has set for us. That’s why we are required to try and strive. Here we can succeed and fail. However, if we have tried our best and failed, then that’s when we say “this is the destiny chosen by Allah .” (Quraish Shihab)

Human death is God’s destiny and . Because humans will not be able to escape and hide from what is called death. However, death can be postponed at any time and in any place. This depends on effort, endeavor and prayer. Wallahu a’lam

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