BRI League 1 Prediction: Persija Jakarta vs Dewa United 2 March 2024

BRI League 1 Prediction: Persija Jakarta vs Dewa United 2 March 2024

Persija Jakarta will host Dewa United in their 27th match in BRI Liga 1 2023/2024 . The match will be held at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Bali, Saturday (02/03).

Currently, Persija is ranked eleventh in the standings. The Kemayoran Tigers collected 32 points from 26 matches. Meanwhile, Dewa United is in seventh position. They won 35 points from 26 matches.

Just like the position of the two teams in the standings, Dewa United’s condition is more favorable than Persija Jakarta. They are unbeaten in the last five matches. In fact, in their last match, Egy Maulana and his friends won a landslide victory over RANS Nusantara.

On the other hand, Persija’s condition is not very good. In their last three matches, the Kemayoran Tigers have always suffered defeat.

This bad condition was made worse by the absence of a number of Persija Jakarta players. In this match, they could not play Gustavo Almeida. They also have the potential to lose Ondrej Kudela and Maciej Gajos.

With conditions like this, it would not be wrong if the Kemayoran Tigers were even less favored than their guests.

Estimated Lineup

Persija Jakarta (3-4-3): Andritany Ardhiyasa, M. Akbar Arjun Syah, Maman Abdurahman, Rizky Ridho, Ilham Rio Fahmi, Firza Andika, Syahrian Abimanyu, Hanif Sjahbandi, Ryo Matsumura, Dony Tri Pamungkas, Marko Simic

Coach: Thomas Doll

Dewa United (4-2-3-1): Sonny Ricardo Marciano, Ady Setiawan, Risto Mitrevski, Brian Fatari, Alta Ballah, Theo Fillo Numberi, Ricky Kambuaya, Ahmad Nufiandani, Egy Maulana, Feby Eka Putra, Alex Martins Ferreira

Coach: Jan Olde Riekerink

Head to head and Performance

Head to head

12/20/2022: Persija Jakarta 3-2 Dewa United (League 1)
04/10/2023: Dewa United 0-1 Persija Jakarta (League 1)
08/25/2023: Dewa United 2-0 Persija Jakarta (League 1 )

Persija Jakarta’s Last 5 Matches

12/09/2023: Persebaya Surabaya 1-1 Persija Jakarta (League 1)
12/16/2023: Persija Jakarta 1-0 PSS Sleman (League 1)
02/06/2024: Borneo FC 3-1 Persija Jakarta (League 1 )
02/22/2024: Persija Jakarta 0-1 Madura United (League 1)
02/26/2024: Arema FC 3-2 Persija Jakarta (League 1)

Dewa United’s Last 5 Matches

08/12/2023: Dewa United 1-1 Bali United (League 1)
17/12/2023: Persis Solo 1-2 Dewa United (League 1)
06/02/2024: Dewa United 2-2 Barito Putera (League 1 )
02/23/2024: PSIS Semarang 1-1 Dewa United (League 1)
02/27/2024: Dewa United 5-0 RANS Nusantara (League 1)

Score prediction: Persija Jakarta 2-1 Dewa United

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