The difference between Qadariyah and Jabariyah in Islamic teachings

The difference between Qadariyah and Jabariyah in Islamic teachings – Qadariyah and Jabariyah are Arabic terms that indicate an understanding or trend in religion Islam. The difference between Qadariyah and Jabariyah lies in the way they view the destiny that God gives to humans.

Citing the book Islamic Religious Education for Colleges by Beni Kurniawan, Qadariyah and Jabariyah is part of the science of kalam, which is the science that discusses the state and process of matters of faith.
In Qadariyah and Jabariyah understanding, the issue of faith that is highlighted is faith in Qada’ and Qadar or better known as destiny. To find out more about the meaning and differences between these two understandings, see the following review.

Meaning of Qadariyah

According to M. Amin Syukur in Applied Islamic Theology , Qadariyah comes from the word in Arabic language, namely qadara which means ability and strength. In terms of terms, Qadariyah is defined as the human ability to carry out his actions.
This understanding holds that all human behavior is carried out according to their own will. They are also fully responsible for the good and bad deeds committed in their lives.
With this understanding, the followers of Qadariyah reject that human fate is determined by God since time immemorial. Humans don’t just live to live their destiny.
The Qadariyah believe that Allah does not create the actions of His servants. Even though there are predetermined fates such as birth and death, humans still have the authority to live their lives according to their wishes.

Understanding Jabariyah

Jabariyah ideology is in contrast to Qadariyah beliefs. In terms of terms, Jabariyah is defined as an ideology which states that all human behavior is determined by Allah SWT, both positive and negative.
In this understanding, humans are considered not free and live their lives under duress. That’s because everything has been determined by qada’ and qadar or destiny from Allah.
The Jabariyah believe that humans have no role at all in carrying out their actions. They also feel irresponsible for their actions and leave everything to Allah.

The difference between Qadariyah and Jabariyah

Based on what has been explained, it can be concluded that the difference between Qadariyah and Jabariyah lies in the two groups’ understanding of destiny and human will within them.

The Qadariyah believe that heaven and hell are rewards for all good deedsmanin this world. If you do good deeds and always obey Allah’s commands, then that person will be put into heaven. If not, hell is the place to be.

Meanwhile, the Jabariyah believe that good deeds are not the cause of someone going to heaven or hell. For them, these provisions have been absolutely destined by God since humans were born.

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