Bernardo Tavares Shows Off PSM’s Contribution to the Indonesian National Team

Bernardo Tavares Shows Off PSM's Contribution to the Indonesian National Team

Coach , Bernardo Tavares, showed off his team’s contribution to the Indonesian National Team after playing many U-23 players in BRI Liga 1 2023/2024.

PSSI and PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) require each club to field one U-23 player as a starter for a minimum of 45 minutes in BRI Liga 1 this season.

However, Tavares trusted three PSM Makassar U-23 players to play from the early minutes when facing Persebaya Surabaya in Week 26 of BRI Liga 1 at the Batakan Stadium, Balikpapan, on Wednesday (28/2/2024).

The three are Ananda Raehan, 20 years old, Daffa Salman, 21 years old, and Ricky Pratama, 20 years old. However, PSM Makassar was matched by Persebaya 0-0.

Many have been called up to the Indonesian National Team

“Look at how many U-23 players we play. PSM has made a contribution to the Indonesian national team,” said Tavares.

“After this, the Indonesian National Team took several players for a training camp. We only see many PSM players this season three to four times a week,” said Tavares.

PSM Makassar is indeed one of the BRI Liga 1 teams whose players are most often called up by the Indonesian National Team at various age levels, starting from seniors, U-23 and U-20.

PSM’s contribution

In the Indonesian National Team, PSM sent Yakob Sayuri. Names such as Reza Arya, Yance Sayuri, and Dzaky Asraf have also been tried in the past year.

Meanwhile in the U-23 national team, PSM is represented by Ananda Raehan. However, Dzaky Asraf and Victor Dethan were also part of Shin Tae-yong’s fleet squad.

Meanwhile, in the U-20 national team, based on the composition of players at the beginning of this year, PSM had three names consisting of Syamil Bahij, Sulthan Zaky, and Mufli Hidayat.

Bernardo Tavares phrases

“Many important players couldn’t play due to injury, but we gave opportunities to other players,” explained Tavares.

“Young players are getting a chance to play and see how they perform, some of them are getting a lot of minutes this season.”

“Some of them only got their first minutes, I’m proud and PSM has a future,” said the Portuguese architect.

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