Arema FC’s Two Consecutive Wins in BRI Liga 1, Widodo Cahyono Putro’s Score Equals Fernando Valente

Arema FC's Two Consecutive Wins in BRI Liga 1, Widodo Cahyono Putro's Score Equals Fernando Valente

Malang – Arema FC ‘s two consecutive wins in BRI Liga 1 have helped revive the name of Widodo Cahyono Putro. The 53 year old coach succeeded in making Singo Edan’s game sharper. Rans Nusantara FC and Persija Jakarta were the victims.

Previously, Widodo’s name was dropped from the list of coaches in BRI Liga 1. This season he managed the Liga 2 club, Deltras FC, until he was finally appointed to manage Arema FC .

Even though at the start of his coaching career, he managed big teams, such as Sriwijaya FC, Bali United, Persita Tangerang and Bhayangkara FC.

It turns out that Widodo’s cold hands have still succeeded in resurrecting Arema FC . The target of escaping relegation is still very much achievable.

Just like Fernando Valente

However, it turns out that Widodo C Putro’s achievements are still the same as the previous coach, Fernando Valente. The Portuguese coach also delivered two consecutive wins at the start of his arrival.

After that, Singo Edan was inconsistent again. Of the 15 matches played, a total of only 5 wins were achieved. The remaining 3 draws and 7 defeats.

Fernando Valente brought Arema FC from the bottom position to 16th, or only up two places. Arema FC is still in the relegation zone.

However, this time Widodo seems to have received greater support, both from management, players and supporters. It could be said that the former Bali United coach quickly adapted to his troops.

Widodo Conquers Mid-Level Team

Even though statistically the two coaches are the same, Widodo can be said to be more promising. The two opponents who were defeated were mid-table teams, namely RANS and Persija. Even though Arema was unable to win when they met the two teams in the first round.

Meanwhile, Fernando beat two teams that are currently also at the bottom of the table, Persikabo and Bhayangkara FC. So the weight of the match is lighter, so Arema FC also didn’t concede in those two matches. In fact, Arema managed to score 3 goals in two matches and conceded nothing.

Meanwhile, Widodo made the front line sharper. There were 6 goals scored in 2 matches. Even though his team conceded 4 goals in two matches, Widodo understands that improvements need to be made.

Arema FC’s two matches in the hands of Fernando Valente and Widodo C Putro

Fernando Valente

  • Arema FC vs Persikabo 1973: 1-0
  • Bhayangkara FC vs Arema FC : 0-2

Widodo Cahyono Putro

  • RANS Nusantara FC vs Arema FC: 2-3
  • Arema FC vs Persija Jakarta: 3-2

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