What is Muallaq’s Destiny? This is the definition and examples

What is Muallaq's Destiny? This is the definition and examples

Muallaq’s destiny is simply a destiny from Allah SWT which is still open to change. The following is the meaning of Muallaq’s Destiny and examples of Muallaq’s Destiny.

JAKARTA – In Islamic teachings, destiny is an integral part of Muslim beliefs. Allah SWT has determined destiny for every individual, divided into two main concepts: Destiny Muallaq and Destiny Mubram . Although many have heard of these terms, a deep understanding of both is still limited among the public.

What is destiny?

Destiny Muallaq is one of the concepts in Islamic belief that describes God’s provisions that are still open to change, depending on the efforts and actions taken by humans. In Destiny Muallaq, God gives people the opportunity to influence and change destiny with their efforts and hard work.

In Surah Ar-Ra’d verse 11, Allah SWT describes that changes in destiny can occur if a people or individual wants to make changes to themselves. This confirms that destiny in human life can still be influenced by the actions and efforts they make.

An example of Muallaq’s destiny is simply when a child achieves success at school because he is diligent in studying every day. Even though basically every individual has the same potential, the difference lies in how much effort each individual puts in.

If the child is diligent and persistent in studying, he will achieve satisfactory results. However, if he is lazy and does not try, then the desired achievements will not be achieved. This reflects that a person’s destiny can still change according to the effort and hard work they do.

Muallaq’s Destiny emphasizes that humans have an important role in determining their own destiny. God gives humans the freedom to influence the direction of their destiny with the efforts and actions they take. If someone really tries, the expected results can be achieved.

In this context, Takdir Muallaq teaches that a person must not surrender and remain silent about the fate they have been given, but must try and work hard to achieve the desired change. This is a reminder that human efforts have a significant influence in changing the destiny given by God.

Difference between Takdir Muallaq and Takdir Mubram

  • Effect of Prayer: Mubram’s destiny cannot be changed by human prayer, but prayer can provide tenderness from Allah in facing predestined evil. On the other hand, Muallaq’s destiny is still open to being influenced by prayer.
  • The Power of Determination: Mubram’s destiny is a definite decision that has been determined by Allah and cannot be changed. On the other hand, Muallaq’s destiny is a decision that can still change due to the involvement of prayer and human action.
  • Muktazilah view: The Muktazilah school does not believe in the role of prayer in changing destiny, but they still respect the Al-Quran as God’s revelation despite having different views on the interpretation of prayer and worship.

Example of Muallaq’s Destiny

1. From Poor to Riches

A person who previously lived in financial limitations and difficulties, through his hard work, managed to achieve wealth. This example illustrates how someone who initially experienced financial difficulties was able to become more prosperous through hard work, effort and perseverance.

2. Pain that can be cured

Another example of the fate of converts is when someone who is sick is able to become healthy. This reflects how effort, care and persistence in seeking healing can change a person’s condition from being sick to being healthy.

3. Transformation from Stupidity to Intelligence

The fate of Mualaq is reflected in the change from stupidity to intelligence. Someone who may previously lack knowledge or have made mistakes, through a process of learning and improvement, can become wiser, smarter, and develop personally.

4. From Limited Skills to Extraordinary Skills

People who initially have limitations or limited skills, through persistent effort, turn into someone who is highly skilled. This example shows how hard work and continuous practice can bring about tremendous changes in a person’s abilities.

That is the complete definition of Destiny Muallaq along with examples.

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