Love in Islam: Between Effort and Destiny

Love in Islam: Between Effort and Destiny

Each person’s opinion may be different when describing love. It could be that love can grow on one’s own initiative. Or, he grew because of decisions beyond his will.

Between effort and destiny. So if a brief description of love in Islam. In the book Imtizaj Al-Arwah by At-Tamimi it is told about a physician who was asked about what “blind love” is.

The healer answered, “The growth of love is not due to the lover’s initiative, not because of his desire, and is not a pleasure for most humans. The growth of love is like a chronic disease that comes suddenly. There is no difference between the two.”

Ibnu Qayyim Al-Jauziyah in his book, Raudhah Al-Muhibbin , reveals that many people say that blind love is a kind of torture. So, he thought, a rational person would not choose torture over himself.

He quoted a poem from Al-Mu’ammal:

Al-Mu’ammal was dazed and agitated by the sight

If only he had been created without sight

Suffering is enough for the lover in life

Until in the future there will be no more torment in hell.

Ibnu Qayyim Al-Jauziyah then explained that there was news that after reciting the poem, Al-Mu’ammal became blind. According to him, humans should not use love as a way to destroy reason. In feeling love, every servant of Allah should still be able to think and digest with his mind.

He wrote a poem:

A whisper of love is not just a whisper

No one knows what has been reported

Love affairs are not resolved with reasoning

Not finished with analogies and thoughts

Love affairs are related to the crossing of the heart

Business after business comes one after the other.

Indeed, with love it seems that the world will feel beautiful. But don’t forget, with love it feels like the world looks gray. So a faithful servant will balance the two in order to be safe from love matters. Love is indeed between effort and destiny.

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