The Indonesian National Team Releases Training Clothes, The Sayuri Duo Become models

The Indonesian National Team Releases Training Clothes, The Sayuri Duo Become models

The Indonesian National Football Team released new training clothes or jerseys, Monday (11/3), the brother and sister duo Yakob Sayuri and Yance Sayuri became the models for the launch of the apparel product made by Erspo.

Through the official Instagram (IG) account of the Indonesian National Team, the Sayuri duo wore jerseys with the dominant colors red and black with the Garuda emblem logo on the left chest, and the words Erspo on the right chest.

“90 minutes on the field, thousands of hours in training. Presenting the new official training jersey for the Indonesian National Team,” wrote the Indonesian National Team account monitored by ANTARA in Jakarta, Tuesday.

It can be seen that the Garuda squad training jersey was released in four color variants, namely red and black for men, and purple and pink for women.

In the upload of the jersey for women, you can see a caption that says ‘where beauty meets appearance. Strength and femininity are manifested in every stitch for the Indonesian National Team’s women’s training jersey.

Screenshot of the release of the Indonesian National Football Team’s training jersey, Tuesday (12/3/2024, 18.00 WIB). ANTARA/Instagram/@timnas.indonesia/Donny Aditra

In another upload, an article about jerseys that maximize air circulation was also released by the Indonesian National Team in collaboration with Erspo apparel.

“Maximum air circulation ensures the performance and durability of every winner, on and off the field,” wrote the post.

The four jersey variants have different patterns according to their respective colors and there has been no official statement regarding the meaning behind the patterns or motifs created.

In the details of the jersey released, there is also no visible shield on the Garuda symbol which was used in the previous edition released by Mills.

Various responses from netizens decorated the comments column of the Indonesian National Team IG account regarding the release of the training shirt.

There were positive reviews, commenting on the color, logo and comparing it to the previous edition of the t-shirt.

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