Losing to PSM, PSS Sleman Fails to Break the Negative Trend

Losing to PSM, PSS Sleman Fails to Break the Negative Trend

PSS Sleman has not moved from the bottom of the BRI Liga 1 2023/2024. The defeat to PSM Makassar in week 28 made PSS’s position in the standings even more worrying.

Competing at the Batakan Stadium, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Friday (8/3/2024) afternoon, the club nicknamed the Javanese Super Eagles surrendered with a score of 1-2.

PSS Sleman only goal was created in the 85th minute through Erwin Gutawa’s own goal. PSM Makassar scored goals from Yuran Fernandes in the 47th minute and Kenzo Nambu in the 65th minute.

This minor result not only made PSS Sleman fail to achieve the target of three points, but also made the Javanese Eagle Team closer to the relegation zone. They are now in 15th place in the standings with 31 points.

PSS Sleman is only three points away from Persita Tangerang which is in 16th place or the limit of the red zone. The Laskar Sembada team has the same numbers as Arema FC which is in 14th position in the standings.

The match was balanced

PSS Sleman coach , Risto Vidakovic assessed that the match was quite balanced. Even though they lost, PSS Sleman was able to provide resistance to PSM Makassar . According to him, the two goals were scored because his players lost focus in responding to set piece situations.

“In my opinion, the course of the match was quite balanced and equally strong in the first half. Unfortunately in the second half PSS Sleman conceded a goal due to a player error,” he said at the press conference after the match.

“The players tried to make a comeback but unfortunately there was another mistake and conceded. PSS Sleman tried to respond and were able to score a goal with a counter attack,” he continued.

Losing Focus

The same thing was expressed by PSS Sleman striker, Hokky Caraka. The Indonesian national team player said the players lost focus when the hosts scored two goals.

“We will evaluate again in the future, goals like that can be avoided if we focus. But I congratulate PSM Makassar for taking three points,” said Hokky Caraka.

Meet Borneo FC

In the next match, PSS Sleman is scheduled to meet Borneo FC in Week 29 of BRI Liga 1. This match will take place at Manahan Stadium Solo, Central Java, Thursday (14/3/2024).

If things don’t improve immediately, it is not impossible that the favorite team of Slemania and Brigata Curva Sud (BCS) will slip into the red zone. Moreover, competition at the bottom of the standings is also increasingly fierce.

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