Continues To Play at Hoffenheim But Hasn’t Been Called up by Indra Sjafri to the Indonesian U-20 National Team, What’s up With Amar Brkic?

Continues To Play at Hoffenheim But Hasn't Been Called up by Indra Sjafri to the Indonesian U-20 National Team, What's up With Amar Brkic?

Indra Sjafri has just announced the list of 37 players who have been called up to defend the U-20 Indonesian National Team . There are five players who play abroad on the list, but not Amar Brkic .

In March 2024, Indonesia U-20 will play two trial matches against China. The two trials will be played at the Madya Gelora Bung Karno Stadium on March 22 and 25 2024.

Indra Sjafri started giving opportunities to diaspora players. Welber Jardim, a player from the Sao Paolo club, who played for Indonesia in the U-17 World Cup, received a call to strengthen Garuda Muda.

However, unlike Welber Jardim, Amar Brkic, who is also part of the U-17 World Cup squad, has not been called by Indra Sjafri. In fact, Amar Brkic continues to carve out playing minutes with Hoffenheim U-17 in the U-17 Bundesliga.

So, what is Amar Brkic’s latest news at Hoffenheim? Check out the review below, Bolaneters .

Amar Brkic Continues to Record Playing Minutes at Hoffenheim

Sumber: CNN Indonesia

Amar Brkic left Hoffenheim from October to November 2023, to defend the Indonesian national team. After the 2023 U-17 World Cup is over, Amar Brkic returns to Germany.

Apart from playing at Hoffenheim, Amar Brkic is also still active at school. Amar Brkic only missed one match after returning to Germany, namely against Frankfurt on December 2 2024.

He played for six minutes when Hoffenheim met Bayern Munich in Week 17 of the U-17 Bundesliga. After that, Amar Brkic was absent from the Karlsruhe duel, which is Hoffenheim’s last match in 2023.

The U-17 Bundesliga will only start again in February 2024. So far, of the four matches Hoffenheim has played, Amar Brkic has played three times. Amar Brkic always started the match from the bench in those three matches.

What is the reason why Indra Sjafri hasn’t called Amar Brkic?

Indra Sjafri has not provided the latest information regarding Amar Brkic’s absence from the list of Indonesian U-20 National Team players. However, on previous occasions, the coach had a reason why he chose not to call Amar Brkic.

According to Indra Sjafri, if a player gets regular playing minutes at his club, he will not be called up to the Indonesian U-20 National Team. Especially if the calling status is only for a training camp.

“Welber Jardim and Amar Brkic haven’t yet. I think it would be better for them to train at a club rather than attend TC,” said Indra Sjafri in December 2023.

If you look at Hoffenheim’s schedule, there should be an opportunity for Indra Sjafri to call up Amar Brkic. Because, they will only play again on April 7 2024, against Stuttgart U-17. Maybe there are other considerations why Amar Brkic has not been called up to the U-20 national team.

Amar Brkic’s statistics in the U-17 Bundesliga

Sumber: Starting Eleven

The following are the statistics recorded by Amar Brkic with Hoffenheim U-17 in the Sud/Sudwest Bundesliga U-17 event:

Included in the squad: 17
Number of matches played: 14
Main players: 1
Substitutes: 13
Total minutes played: 283
Number of goals: 3
Assists: –
Yellow cards: –
Red cards: –

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