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Vietnamese Media Touched on the issue of a French Tactician Entering PSSI’s Ranks as Technical Director of the Indonesian National Team

Vietnamese Media Touched on the issue of a French Tactician Entering PSSI's Ranks as Technical Director of the Indonesian National Team

Vietnamese Pandit discusses the issue of Philippe Troussier joining the PSSI elite ranks as Technical Director of the Indonesian National Team .

Vietnamese media, , in its review claimed that PSSI had contacted Philippe Troussier for the position of Technical Director. “This is quite surprising news for many Vietnam fans.”

“Because coach Troussier has just left the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF), after experiencing an unforgettable defeat, especially the 0-3 defeat to the Indonesian National Team at My Dinh Stadium,” wrote Soha.

As is known, Philippe Troussier was removed from his position as Vietnam coach after suffering two consecutive defeats when they met the Indonesian National Team in the 2026 World Cup Qualification.

Previously, at the 2023 SEA Games, the Indonesian U-22 National Team successfully eliminated Vietnam in the semifinals.

In Indonesia It Can Develop

Well-known Vietnamese pundit and commentator, Quang Huy, said that even though he failed miserably in Vietnam, Philippe Troussier had a chance of success if he worked for PSSI or the Indonesian National Team.

“It’s true that coach Troussier experienced failure in Vietnam, but that’s his role as a coach. He may no longer be suitable for this role because he was immediately evaluated. Well, the position of Technical Director is different.”

“His position is more behind the scenes, with less pressure. In this position, Troussier has a higher chance of success if he comes to Indonesia to work,” said Quang Huy.

Why is it suitable?

Still in his review, Quang Huy felt that Troussier’s knowledge of European football would be suitable for Indonesia’s recent mission, namely investing at an early age.

“Indonesia is investing heavily. They just failed to make it to the Olympics, but they continue to invest in youth football. Indonesia is also promoting a lot of naturalized players.”

“Indonesia needs a behind-the-scenes leader with extensive knowledge, especially an understanding of European football like Troussier,” he said again.

Whip Vietnam

Furthermore, PSSI’s movement to recruit Troussier should encourage Vietnam to continue to improve. According to him, if you want to compete with Indonesia, you have to move strategically.

“So if Vietnamese football wants to compete with Indonesia, we also need to immediately build a better foundation,” added Quang Huy.

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