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Traces of 5 Half-Blood Players that Indra Sjafri Met in the Netherlands for the U-20 Indonesian National Team: The Most Classy D’Leanu Arts!

Traces of 5 Half-Blood Players that Indra Sjafri Met in the Netherlands for the U-20 Indonesian National Team: The Most Classy D'Leanu Arts!

The coach of the Indonesian U-20 National Team, Indra Sjafri, has met five players of potential descent to strengthen his team. From a statistical perspective, these names are indeed promising.

The names of the five players that Indra Sjafri met were Kaya Symons, Dion Markx, Sacha Deighton, D’Leanu Arts, and Xavi Woudstra. They have the opportunity to become the mainstay ammunition for the U-20 Indonesian National Team.

“After seeing all the potential in the country, the Indonesian U-20 National Team also provides an opportunity for players of Indonesian descent who are currently playing abroad to be monitored either directly in the Netherlands or through rematches,” said Indra Sjafri.

Based on statistical records, these players have appeared regularly with their respective clubs. In fact, there are also those who have debuted in the highest caste of the Dutch League. Below presents its review.

Rich Symons

Indra Sjafri is currently preparing the regeneration of a player at the left back post in the form of Kaya Symons. This player actually has good potential because he has appeared with the Dutch national team from the U-15 to U-19 groups.

However, apart from being a left back, he can also be used as a center back. This season, the 19 year old player has appeared 22 times. From his 1,462 minutes of appearance, Kaya Symons contributed one goal and one assist.

The defender, who was born on March 31 2005, was actually registered by Vitesse in the 2023/2024 Eredivisie. However, after sitting on the bench three times, the opportunity to play never came.

Dion Markx

Dion Markx looks like he will be the mainstay center back for the U-20 Indonesian National Team. The potential of this 18 year old player is quite promising. Currently, the defender who was born on June 29 2005 plays for NEC Nijmegen U-21.

In youth competitions, the 187 cm player appears regularly with his team. He made at least 23 appearances in various events. From all this action, he recorded 1,851 minutes of play.

He also contributed one goal this season. This contribution is what helped bring NEC Nijmegen U-21 to second place in the O21 Division 2 Fall season 2023/2024.

Sacha Deighton

When compared to other names, Sacha Deighton is the youngest player on this list. The player who plays as a right back plays for De Treffers U-21 and will join VVV-Venlo U-21.

Previously, the defender, who was born on June 25 2005, had not been able to track his work in youth competitions. Because, when playing with De Treffers U-21, this club was not a participant in the O21 Division 2 Fall competition.

His recorded statistics were when he played with NEC Nijmegen U-21 in the 2021/2022 season. At that time, he scored one goal in 14 matches. The number of minutes he played reached 1,103 minutes a season.

D’Leanu Arts

The last one, and perhaps the one with the most prominent work, is D’Leanu Arts. The player from NEC Nijmegen U-21 plays as a right back. In the youth age group, this season he has played 16 times.

His playing opportunities in the 2023/2024 season reached 1,103 minutes. However, what is interesting is that this player who graduated from the Dutch U-17 national team has played three matches in the highest caste of the Dutch League.

He played against Almere City (week 9), AZ Alkmaar (week 10), and Vitesse (week 29). Experience playing in the Eredivisie is a valuable asset for the 20 year old defender.

Xavi Woodstra

Xavi Woudstra’s statistics are considered the most striking. The player who plays as a midfielder is one of the key mainstays of Heerenveen U-21. He has been training at this club since he was in the U-17 age group.

Throughout this season, the midfielder who was born on January 4 2005 has scored three goals in 24 matches. The flying hours recorded by the former Dutch U-18 national team player this season reached 1,640 minutes.

One of the advantages that Xavi Woudstra has is his multi-position ability. Apart from being able to play as a central midfielder, he can also be used as an attacking midfielder on the right wing.

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